As women in film, we are devoted to telling the stories of other women, especially those in marginalized groups. According to Hollywood, most females are slim thirty-year-old women who can run in stilettos, and frankly, we're bored with it. So we have teamed up with writer/actress Katharine Scarborough to create "Big Girl", a darkly comedic web series that explores the experience of a plus sized woman dating in New York. Representation in the media makes an enormous difference in the way that people see themselves and each other, so we're determined to broadcast this relatable, unapologetic, strong plus-sized female lead to the world! Because how many have you seen on the web lately? (The answer you're looking for is "not enough.")

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters who contributed to our Seed & Spark fundraising campaign in October 2018. Big Girl season 1 is currently in production!



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